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Welcome 👋 to the official documentation for Metrixcoin.

🐦 Getting Started#

New to Metrixcoin? Start here!


We have several wallet options available depending on your needs.

Altitude Electron Wallet for Windows, Linux & Mac (GUI Desktop Release)

Metrix Coin Core for Windows, Linux & Mac

MyStakingWallet, Paid Service for 24/7 VPS + Support

MetriMask chrome extension

📚 Reference#

Find information on Metrixcoin products:

🛠 Developers#

🙋‍♂️ Getting Help#

Check out the Troubleshooting FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.

Official channels

Only the channels listed below are officially maintained and staffed by the metrixcoin team. Currently, we do not moderate any other communities. Please beware of potential scams or frauds on any unofficial communities.


The Metrixcoin Discord server is the primary gathering spot for announcements, user support and other discussion about Metrixcoin.

No DMs

Metrixcoin core team members will never initiate direct messages to users. If a random user imitating the core team or any of the community members sends you a DM don't hesitate to report it in our official Discord channel.


The Metrixcoin YouTube channel features videos that teach you how to use Metrixcoin products, news, announcements and interviews with members of the Metrixcoin community.


The Github contains a wealth of information and code examples for anyone looking to utilise our products. It also contains all the core blockchain code. Each repository also contains sections for reporting issues with any of the products.


🔥 Report a Bug | Help us squash those bugs Metrix Core | Altitude | MetriMask

💡 Suggest a New Feature | We need your ideas!

⚠ Documentation is being worked on! Some pages may be incomplete or not exist yet.