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Startup & First Launch#

In order to startup metrixd, use the following:

./metrixd -daemon

Additional options can be specified in ~/.metrixcoin/metrix.conf, you can add -staking=false to the commandline or -staking=0 in the metrix.conf file to disable staking. This may be required if you plan on using this wallet as a service.

Afterwards, you can check the status of the Metrix node:

./metrix-cli getblockchaininfo

It will show a block count. when the block count matches the latest block on our block explorer: that means that the node is synchronized. If it shows 0 blocks and 0 connections for more than a few minutes, contact Metrix staff for help. Syncing the blockchain will take around 10-30 minutes depending on connection speed

In order to shut down the node, simply use:

./metrix-cli stop


NOTE: -staking=false disables automatic staking in the wallet. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for exchanges or wallet services that rely on availability of the coins. Staking can make an unpredictable amount of coins unaccessible for 960 blocks (~24 hours) and so it is recommended that exchanges and wallets that provide a service do not participate in staking.