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Why is my balance 0 or not fully displayed when I want to send coins?#

Congratulations! You just received new MRX coins through a stake!

After a stake happens, inputs above 1 million will split in half and will display as a payment to yourself in your wallet.

The balance shows 0 or less then normal because the staked input needs 960 confirmations on the chain to become spendable again. After these confirmations you will see the coins reflected in your balance.

Also check on the Explorer if the coins appear in your nominated address. When you scroll down your tranasactions will likely display "coin stake".

Raise a ticket on the Discord if this is not reflected in that way.

How do i buy Metrixcoin?#

Register on a Bitcoin broker like Coinbase, Litebit(for European users) or any other trusted broker. You can Google for one that is available for your region.

There are now 2 options to get Metrixcoin

Manual purchase via exchanges#

  • Register on an exchange where Metrixcoin is available. The list of available exchanges is right above the FAQ section.
  • Buy bitcoin on the selected broker and send it to your btc deposit address on the exchange of your choice. You usually find this on the exchange under balances --> btc --> deposit
  • Go to the markets section on the exchange and search for MRX in the markets searchbar, select the BTC/MRX pair.
  • If you click the buy button you can now select the desired price and amount of coins you want to buy and place your order.
  • Wait until your order is filled and withdraw your Metrixcoin to your own Metrixcoin wallet, NEVER keep your coins on the exchange.
  • To withdraw your coins from the exchange go to balances-> Metrixcoin, click on Metrixcoin and select withdraw, enter your own Metrixcoin wallet address from Altitude, MyStakingWallet or MetriMask and withdraw your coins.

Using the site#

  • Navigate to
  • Input a Metrix address, an address can be obtained from any of our wallet options. The site will generate a BTC deposit address.
  • Buy Bitcoin on the selected broker and send it to your btc deposit address generated in the step above.
  • Once the BTC transaction is confirmed the MRX will arrive in your nominated MRX address.